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Magic: The Gathering TCG statistics and facts (2024)

A close-up of Magic: The Gathering cards.

A close-up of Magic: The Gathering cards.

Here are the latest stats and facts about Magic: The Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering, the first trading card game, began in 1993, and in its 30-year history, there have been hundreds of sets released. Between expansion, core and supplementary sets, there’s an extraordinary amount of MTG cards out there to count.

How many unique Magic: The Gathering cards are there?

As of January 2024, there are over 27,076 Magic: The Gathering cards. This includes all those revealed up to and including the MTG Fallout decks. (Scryfall)

Card TypeQuantity
Credits: Scryfall
What was the first MTG set?

The first MTG set was the Limited Edition Alpha set released in August ’93, which contained 295 cards.

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